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Anonymous said:
im a little confused... that artist said they werent releasing the song by harry and JOHN legend... soooo what is this? lol
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"The one thing you need to know [about Harry] is that he is very sensitive." - Liam Payne

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I pulled into the driveway and Meat Loaf came on the radio, so I did something any normal person would do and sat in the car the whole 9 minutes until it was over.

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Yall this is Caroline’s assistant stylist…..

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Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.

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Name: Steal My Girl is track of the day
Artist: Nick Grimshaw
Album: Radio 1 breakfast show
49,170 plays


steal my girl is track of the day! “”liam”” and niall’s message for radio 1

credit to ianchaloner

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harry styles: a summary (insp.)

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